Saturday, August 21, 2010

New products for reviews on the way!!!

I just ordered some Mother Moon Pads, Happy Heiny's Mama Pads, and GroVia Tiny Bubbles to review for you guys.  The pads your going to have to wait for my cycle to come around again...sorry haha.  But can't wait to try them out for you!!! :-)  Also, pictures are up of the products!!! :-)


  1. I love Happy Heiny, but do not stick in the dryer. They do better coming right out of the wash, pulled flat and layed flat to dry. I Love them. But others complain about the bunching when they go in the dryer.

  2. I will remember this! Thank you very much because I would have stuck it in the dryer with the inserts haha

  3. Looking forward to the Happy Heiny review :o)