Monday, March 11, 2013

Edward Medina-Author

Today I have a sneak peak at an amazing new book coming out called The Demise of Foxy Jack by the wonderful author Edward Medina.

Edward Medina is one of my favorite authors right now.  He has two books out right now called

It Is Said (Mathias Bootmaker and the Keepers of the Sandbox) and A Murder of Crows (Adventures of the X Pirates)

Both of these books had me hooked so bad!  A Murder of Crows was my favorite out of the two.  It was like a Narnia meets dark and mysterious!  It is a novella that consists of approximately 35 pages which is a GREAT short read! 

"Warren Bronck had had enough, so he took a rowboat out to sea and found himself an unpopulated island. He had grown tired of all the jibber jabber, falderal, and twaddle of the populous at large. All he wanted was a place to fish that was all his own. All he wanted was some peace and quiet.
Everyone knows that pelicans are natural fishers of the seas. Everyone knows that they are jovial, even tempered, celebratory creatures. Warren Bronck was a pelican but he was none of those other things. If you encountered him in the morning he was usually grumpy. By evening he was usually using a great deal of salty language.
Other than his temperament Warren was a striking figure of a pelican. He was tall, big chested, and had a deep rich voice. To most he seemed distinguished and charming. In truth he was such a master of the obvious and ironic that no one could tell when he was deriding them. What Warren thought was a painful verbal barb others took to be funny, wise, and sometimes sage advice from an elder.
The proud pelican’s pronouncements weren’t always confused and misunderstood. In the beginning he laughed with his mates and everyone was in on the joke. A sarcastic taunt from Warren was accepted as a badge of honor and everyone would roar with laughter. Inherit a nickname from the bird and it was yours for life. If today was the day for you to be the specific target of a majority of his taunts and teasings, you accepted it, and by day’s end you relished in it.
Then one day Warren changed.
Everyone knew the day it happened. Everyone knew that day would have a profound effect on their friend and colleague. Everyone deals with days like that in their own way. Warren dealt with it by changing into something he really wasn’t. Everyone else dealt with it by believing that nothing, not even Warren, had changed. But everything had changed and that change was most profound in the life of Warren Bronck."

Here is what Edward Medina has to say about this upcoming book: "The Demise of Foxy Jack is the tale of three islands.
One is the home of those who fish the seas for their keep. The second is the hidden home of a famous ghost ship and her cutthroat crew. The third is a fortress built seventy miles offshore from the southernmost point of the Empire.
One is where you’ll find a hero in the making, on the run from a tainted past and a broken heart. The second is where you’ll find a villain with death and destruction on his mind. The third holds a young and angry Queen along with her military advisors and a plan of annihilation.
The Demise of Foxy Jack is the first novella in the Adventures of the X Pirates series. Readers have made A Murder of Crows, the prolog to these tales, an Amazon top ten bestseller in both the fantasy and action adventure categories.
This next installment will tell us how Foxy Jack became a reluctant leader, what horrors mad Captain Nightthorn has unleashed, and the revenge Queen Anastasia has planned to answer his deadly mischief. There’s a travelling troupe of actors, a gang of clever grifters, a sect of stealthy spies, and we’ll learn what happens when Karma, Fate and Destiny join these dark pirate rogueries.
The Demise of Foxy Jack returns you to a world full of epic fantasy and steampunk adventure, where nothing is what it seems and everything is suspect. A world where both heroes and villains have a tortured past and every twist and turn tests their resolve. This is the story of three islands, the characters that are in residence there, and the dreams and nightmares that drive them.
The voyage begins in earnest in March 2013."

I don't know about you, but I am super excited about this!!!  Medina's books always take me on such a journey that I can't put them down.  I could really use this for a nice book to read on the beach while on vacation!  But, if it is not out by then, I will have to settle for re-reading his other two books (even though that is not settling much hehe).

If you would like to learn more about Medina, you can visit his Facebook page or his blog website.   Once the book comes out I will also be posting a review here for all of you!  I am so excited!

*I was in no way compensated for this post.  All words are my own true opinions besides the quoted words of Edward Medina*