Friday, October 4, 2013

Zookaboo One Size Cover Review and Coupon Code

Michele Zook at Zookaboo sent me this great chevron print cover to review:

 I love the colors on this cover, they are bright and beautiful, and gender neutral.  Chevron is hot right now too.  It has rise snaps, crossover snaps, fold over elastic, and no exposed PUL on the inside. 
The cut of this diaper is fabulous for prefolds.  Some covers just can't get the coverage we need, but this one performs great.  The snaps are strong and the elastic has a great gentle stretch that contains poo nicely (she tested it out on the first go around LOL)

This photo shows the four rise options and the interior, which is a white PUL (the cloth side.)

This cover fit great!  It hugged her thighs perfectly, and is very trim and flexible.  She thoroughly tested the poop containing capacity, and we had absolutely no leaks whatsoever. 

Isn't it so bright and pretty?

Michelle is generously offering BBB readers 15% off at her website, zookaboo, with the coupon code BBB15, but hurry it's only valid for 30 days! Also check her out on facebook.

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*I received this item for free in exchange for my honest opinion*

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Bum Bum Fluff Review and *GIVEAWAY*

I had the awesome opportunity to review an adorable all in one one size diaper from Jessica at Bum Bum Fluff.  Is this not the cutest print?
It has aplix crossover tabs which are awesome because they can be crossed over to the left or to the right.  The aplix itself is very soft and pliable, not scratchy at all. It also has different rise settings for different size options.  The PUL is very good quality and the snaps seem heavy duty, not the thin crappy ones you sometimes see on WAHM diapers.  

The cut of this diaper is very nice, Its sort of narrow in the crotch, and that's a great thing for babies, so it doesn't impact mobility.  The legs have a great cut that covers just enough but not too much.
The best thing about the inside of this diaper is there is no exposed PUL, you get the nice soft cloth side of the PUL inside as well as outside.
The inner of this diaper is great!  It stood up to nap time with absolutely no leaks.   It is soft and squishy and thick in just the right places.  I only washed once to prep and it performed great, which will only get better with more washes I can imagine.

Here are the thighs in all their glory ;)  This diaper had no problems accommodating Miss Hannah.  I love how trim it is on the sides while still holding up to a few hours of my super soaker.

The elastic in the legs is gentle but snug enough to keep everything contained.

Here you can see that it is fairly trim and looks adorable on the bottom.  The only thing I would change about this diaper would be to add laundry tabs for the aplix.  I solved that issue by attaching the tabs to the front and flipping it inside out to wash, but laundry tabs would probably make washing easier.  

Jessica has offered readers of the blog 10% off in her Etsy shop Bum Bum Fluff, and is hosting an awesome giveaway of one of her fabulous diapers on her  Bum Bum Fluff Facebook Page.  Also don't forget to like and share Beth's Baby Blurbs on facebook to enter my Amazon Gift Card giveaway :)

*I received this diaper for free in exchange for my honest opinion*