Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Breakfast Casserole

Only takes about 10-15 minutes Prep Time, 20 minutes Bake Time.

What you will need:
A roll of crescent rolls or biscuits (if using biscuits be sure to cut in fourths or it will be too much bread and not enough eggs and other ingredients)
10 Eggs
A bit of milk
Some cheese
Bacon, Sausage and/or Ham
Any other ingredients you may want (onion, pepper, so on)
9x13 pan

1.) Take the crescents or biscuits (pictured) and press them into the bottom of a greased pan (if only making one, you will only need about two biscuits or 3-4 crescents)

2.) Take 10 eggs and scramble them in a separate bowl with some milk.

3.) Cook the meat you decide to put in it and cut it into small pieces (I did bacon)
4.) Add cheese, meat and any extra to the eggs and beat them.  (like making an omelet)
5.) Pour the egg mixture on top of the crescents or biscuits

6.) Bake at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for 20-30 minutes (take a tooth pick and insert it in the middle...when it comes out clean it's done)---as you can see if you do it with biscuits they will kind of float to the top during baking...don't worry, all the components are still there and still cook is STILL yum yum!

7.) Sit back and enjoy!

Easy Halloween Pumpkin Cupcakes

Looking for an easy last second Halloween treat?  Well, I just finished making mine!  All I did was take Yellow Cupcake mix.  I took it and added in half a package of Orange Jell-O.  This helps it be extremely moist!  Just remember that when baking it usually takes about 3 minutes less to bake than it does without the Jell-O.

Also, adding in the Orange Jell-O gives it some flavor AND color!  Then take some frosting, add in a few drops of green.  After your cupcakes are fully cooled, then take the green frosting and lightly coat them.  You can then add on a stem using the little decorating tubes of icing in green.  You can also either put sprinkles on top or just leave them plain!  Or, come up with your own way to do it.  Seriously takes just a few minutes to do and so easy!!!  I absolutely LOVE baking and coming up with my own things!

Just a tip to those who bake and don't know...for flavoring cakes, cupcakes and so on, you can always use Jell-o!  Keeps the cake MUCH more moist and gives it amazing flavor!  Just remember to use caution.  Cakes made with Jello-O can and will fall easier!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Wee Expressions Review and Giveaway

Not too long ago Wee Expressions came out with a new AIO diaper!  I was super excited as I am a HUGE fan of Wee Expressions.  I own a bunch of her fitteds, cloth wipes, fleece covers, mama cloth and now one of her AIOs.

Her AIO are sized and you have the option of getting a velcro closure or not closure at all.  I choose the no closure as I love no closure diapers to be honest.  I believe they are what gives the BEST fit possible.  The other thing that is very unique about her AIOs are that they have a fleece outter.  I have NEVER seen this before and I was a bit skeptical on how well it would work.  Well, guess what, it works amazingly!  Not only that, with fleece, the diaper ends up being super breathable.  This is now my favorite AIO diaper to date!

This is what Lauren, owner and creator at Wee Expressions, has to say about her AIO diapers:
This is my newest creation,an aio fitted made with fleece.The layer against baby's skin will be flannel,your choice of print.There is an inner layer of zorb,which is very absorbant.I tested this on my baby,a heavy wetter,and it works great.I can also make it with a layer of pique to touch baby's skin,and I can add a layer of flannel on the inside for even more protection.The extra layer would be a little more.I will make yours with velcro for this price unless otherwise noted you don't want a closure.This one has no closures because I prefer pins.
My baby was able to use this during the day and naps with no problem!  I added a stay dry flip insert to the inside of it and it worked amazing overnight also!  There is no way you can go wrong with one of these AIOs.

Also, the fit of Wee Expression diapers is always amazing!  I have never had a problem with red marks or anything else with her diapers.  She also carries the size XL which is amazing for those with larger children!  Those fit my son up to about age 2 1/2 and could probably still fit him now (but he is out of diapers now).   I definitely give Lauren two thumbs up on her newest creation!

Lauren would like to extend a wonderful giveaway of a $10 credit to her store with this review.  How awesome of her!!!

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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Bio-Baba Review and Giveaway

I was recently given the pleasure of reviewing a diaper from an awesome company.  Bio-Baba from Africa sent us two of their “nappies”; one for review and one to giveaway to one of you!

After washing and prepping my Bio-Baba diaper, I put it on my son.  While I loved the fit on him, I did notice that they say it’s a one-size diaper, but there are no snaps in the front for adjusting the rise.  While this is normally a big issue because my son has super skinny legs and leaks out of a lot of diapers, I was very pleasantly surprised when he wore the diaper for two hours with no leaks!  I was also very impressed with how tight I could get the hook and loop straps around his waist.

Not only did the diaper hold up well, I love how it is designed.  As you can see by the picture, it is an AIO with an extra pad you can stuff exactly where you need it.  For our heavy wetter we placed the pad in the front and it worked great!

For being an AIO diaper, it also dries very quickly.  (We hang all of our diapers up and throw the inserts in the dryer.)  I noticed that after just a few hours of the diaper hanging up it was already dry and this is very rare for AIO’s and the main reason I almost never choose them.  This was a big bonus!
Not only do their diapers work well and look super cute, they also donate some of their proceeds to Save The Elephants in Africa.  I love when a company that has a great product helps others out!

Are you ready to win one of your own?  Bio-Baba sent me a zebra print diaper to giveaway!  Just enter below and good luck :) 

This review was written by Katy

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