Saturday, September 4, 2010

TarynStuff Review and Giveaway Info

The first thing that drew me to this shop is the name…I mean, common Tarynstuff (her name and stuff OR like tearing stuff).  I love it!  Such a cute play on words and it makes it super rememberable (is that a word? Oh well, it is for me now!)! 

Taryn offers amazing customer service.  For the review, she keep me up to date on how the diaper cover was coming along (she specially made my diaper cover!  How cool!) When she was doing this, she even sent me a picture of how it was going.  She also put off the review wool cover until she got items done for someone who just had her baby…I find that to be amazing customer service!

Let’s talk about the prices now.  Have you EVER found wool covers for only $10-12.50?  I know I haven’t.  She has AMAZING prices.

Now, let’s talk about the cuteness of them.  I have never seen a wool cover be cute before.  This wool cover is SO cute it is not even funny…Look at the picture at how adorable!

Now, the effectiveness.  My son is such a heavy wetter it isn’t even funny!  At night I put in 4 inserts in my bumGenius (one including a hemp) and he still sometimes wets through.  I was having to laundry every other day just to keep his sheets clean because they were always wet.  With this wool cover, it is not happening anymore!  I love it!  I can have clean sheets for my son now!

And the fit!  Perfect!  She can make a diaper cover made just for YOUR child!  You give her the measurements and she makes it perfectly for your child (I tried to get a pic of it but he keep moving around...uggg..maybe later?)

Giveaway Info
For the giveaway Taryn is offering to make your own specially made wool cover!

Giveaway is on my facebook at 150 (may change to 100) likers.


  1. They sound AWESOME. Deff checking her out!

  2. OMG!!! They ARE!!! I love love love mine!!!! I don't know how I lived a day without it haha

  3. That is the most adorable wool cover I have ever seen! Love the turtle! I am following you, please come follow me too!

  4. I know isn't it!!! I LOVE it! Most of them are kinda....yucky looking, but not hers!