Thursday, October 7, 2010

Review of Wee Expressions (formal Wee Essentials)

The first new diaper that was reviewed by one of my bestest friends, Charity, is the newborn diaper with an umbilical cord cut out!  Charity's daughter, who is 9 lbs, tested this diaper out and here is what was said about the diaper.

This diaper had a nice elasticity around her daughters back and fit her tiny little tushy well.

It is nice and trim under a cover and clothes.

This diaper can probably fit 5-10 lbs. 

Charity loved how soft the diaper was on her daughters skin and said that she would totally buy one of these diapers for her daughter!

NOW....for the new XL design...

Luke tried this one out.  I love it!  The rise is PERFECT and is made to fit a 25+ baby.  I am not exactly sure how high this diaper can go to but I am almost positive that it will work up to 35-40 lbs seeing that my son is 29.  As always, I love how absorbent this diaper is and how cute her fabrics are!  Can't wait to order more!


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