Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Lil Roo's Review and Giveaway

Lil Roo's has provided me with a Sleepy Wrap to review.  Lil Roo's is a wonderful shop located in Michigan.  She sells a lot of different kinds of wraps including the Sleepy Wrap, ABC carriers, Boba, and more!  She has great prices and a wonderful selection.  She is extremely fast at shipping also.  I received my wrap within 4 days!  Not only all that, but Lil Roo's often has many clearance items and sales on her facebook page that are WONDERFUL deals...they make me want to buy every carrier there is!

I have to say that I am loving this Sleepy Wrap!  Unfortunately, I have not been getting too much use out of it because of my huge tummy....but hubby has been!  And when a wrap is hubby usable, then you know it must be pretty okay!  Haha.  It takes him probably a whole 2 minutes to get it on and get Luke in it.  I was trying to get pictures of him setting it up...but he started going way to fast.  Here you can see hubs getting ready to pull the front piece up over Luke's back.  But the whole process is really simple.  All you have to do is start by putting the label right at your waist line.  Then you cross the two straps on your back and pull them over your shoulders.  You tuck those pieces under the label part that you put around your waist line.  Then you cross them at your chest level.  You then bring it around your back and can either tie it there or bring it around and tie it in the front or on the side...where ever you would prefer to tie it.  Then you pick up your baby/toddler and put one leg through the strap closest to your body and spread the fabric over the toosh.  Then you put the other leg through the other strap and pull that down to about knee level.  Then just bring up the label panel and bam, you are wearing your baby.  Sleepy Wrap has a few great videos on their webpage that you can view if you are still confused on how to get your baby in the Sleepy Wrap.

Luke loves being worn all around the house and even when we are out.  He is one of those cuddle bug toddlers, so this Sleepy Wrap works great for him.  He gets a snug fit against mommy or daddy but with enough room to be able to play with daddy's face:

Or maybe choke daddy?  LOL.  He loves to be able to look at you straight in the face when he is being warn and the spandex in this wrap gives him the ability to do so while still getting the wonderfully snug baby wearing experience and the security of the wrap being able to hold him.  Also with the large fabric pieces being spread across the entire shoulder (as seen above) really distributes his weight so that we don't feel like we are carrying around an extra 30 pounds!

Also, as you can see in this picture, it is secure enough for daddy to feel like he can really be hands free.  All together, this carrier is my favorite so far.


Disclaimer: Nicki received this Sleepy Wrap free of charge to review for the blog.  Please note that although this item was received free, all opinions are of my own.


  1. i would love to try a Boba carrier
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  2. Boba Baby Carrier - they look awesome!

  3. I want a sleepy wrap so I can get more done while still making my daughter happy by holding her. Also, to be able to nurse hands free.

  4. i think the lovey blankets are so cute!
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  5. Love the free hand Mei Tai in Isabel!

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