Monday, October 31, 2011

GroVia Review and Giveaway Sponsored by Bums N Beyond

GroVia, now that is a name that everyone has been hearing about I am sure!  GroVia just seems to be growing larger and larger every day!  They make so many different products that you could use just GroVia all the time. GroVia makes (deep breath): 

  • Newborn AIOs
  • OS AIOs
  • Trainers (coming soon)
  • OS AI2 shell (in snaps and hook and loop)
  • Organic cotton soaker pads
  • Stay dry soaker pads (coming soon)
  • Organic cotton boosters
  • Stay dry boosters
  • BioSoakers
  • BioDiaper
  • Cloth Wipes
  • Magic Stick (cd safe diaper rash ointment) 
  • Bio Liners
  • Wetbags
  • Pail liners
  • Tiny Bubbles (cd safe laundry detergent)
  • And a few limited edition items
Whew!  See why I had to take a deep breath for that one!?!?!?  I have tried a lot of these products, but would probably spend about 20 years telling you about all of them, so I am just going to give a brief review of all the things that I have used.

First, let's start out with the OS AIOs.  I have to say that I really do enjoy these, but opted for the AI2s personally because of the drying time on the AIOs.  I just could not wait that long for diapers to dry especially seeing that my back area is in the shade almost all day long (which I am sure made it harder for my AIOs to dry).  But they have some WONDERFUL absorbency and a great fit!

Next, let's talk about the OS AI2s that they have.  This is the diaper that Bums N Beyond sent me to review.  Bums N Beyond is a wonderful newer shop online.  They are located in Los Angeles, California.  How I wish I could move out to California.  It seems like everything amazing is located there lol.  Anyways, back on topic.  Bums N Beyond offers carriers and wraps, Oh Katy, GroVia, Ju-Ju-Bee, Best Bottom, AppleCheeks, BumGenius, Fuzzi Bunz....and MORE!  You should really check them out.  The owner is EXTREMELY friendly and seems to always try to provide the best customer service that she can provide!  

So, on with the AI2 review.  These are my number one diaper.  Not joking...I am IN LOVE with this diaper.  I have tried them with prefolds, the soaker pads, fitted diapers, and the biosoakers...and I love this AI2 cover above anything else.  When fitted with one of their soaker pads, it is just amazing absorbency!  Add in just one organic cotton booster pad and you have the BEST overnight diaper there is!  Not only that, I am amazed by the trimness of this diaper!!!  Even with a prefold shoved in there it just seems to make it all just go away!!!  

The BioSoakers are what I use a lot for car trips and for extended trips out side of the house.  They work wonders.  I took a trip all the way to New York to visit family using these without a single leak.  If you need extra absorbency(nap or so on) you can just rip a little hole in one of the BioSoaker liners and stick that on top of another one.  It is still super trim and easy to use!

So far I have covered the OS AIOs, OS AI2s, Organic cotton soaker pads, organic cotton boosters,  and the BioSoaker.  Next we will talk about the last two things that I have tried, the Magic Stick and Tiny Bubbles.

The Magic Stick is a wonderful mess-free cloth diaper safe ointment.  I love the way it smells and just rolls right onto my son's skin.  There is no need to get it all over your fingers or anything else.  Just remember that if you use this, you will need a separate stick for each child that you have as you do not want to cross contaminate any germs that one might have.

Tiny Bubbles is GroVia's wonderful detergent.  This detergent works pretty good.  The only thing is that it does not have any scents (which is actually pretty good for my sensitive baby).  I like using the trial packs for when I take a trip some where instead of having to bring a whole thing of laundry detergent with me.

Wow, sorry so long, but I had a lot to say about GroVia and their products, along with Bums N Beyond for providing this wonderful review and giveaway for you all!

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