Monday, May 7, 2012

Urban Walls Review and Giveaway

Urban Walls is a shop that provides wonderful wall decals for your home.  If you need to spruce up a room, this is where you should go!  These are such cure wall decals that I had a horrible time trying to pick just one to do a review on!  Well, here is the one that was provided to me:

I have to say, this looks amazing in my living room.  It definitely made it a much more enjoyable space!  Before, all there was there was a bare wall, but not anymore!

This wall decal may look difficult, but really it is not.  Even though I did place the flowers the wrong way.  If you check out the listing then you can see what I did wrong, however, I kind of like it the way I did it too.  So really, you can kind of put it together however you would like to also, which makes the process even more fun and personalized.

I have to say that the directions that was provided to me along with receiving this item are amazing!  They are totally step by step and leave nothing up to guess work!  As long as you follow the directions, it will turn out looking great!

Urban Walls also has so many more designs that I really enjoyed.  Here are a few of my top "I want" list (please note that these are not pictures of wall decals that I personally own...yet...but they are pictures from their etsy webpage):

And of course....if I ever get my girl I NEED this:

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This review was written by Nicki

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  1. I like how you did your own design on when you were placing the flowers. Honestly, if I got it I would have done it exactly the way the directions would have told me, not even thinking about personalizing it my way! :D way to think out of the box!

  2. I like how you can't seem to mess these up. They look really complicated, but I like that it is really easy and they provide step by step directions

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  4. Even though you say you did it "wrong". I like your wall decal as well as the example one on the site. These are so awesome!

  5. I appreciate that they come with detailed instructions!

  6. Cindy B (on rc/fb) ~ I find it interesting that you did it "wrong" but that it still looks great :)

    Cindy B(on rc/fb) ~ where I left my comment

  8. Love how you can "do it wrong" to put your own spin on it for your taste!

  9. I like that they provide detailed direction...I would need them!

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