Monday, July 9, 2012

T-Mobile is Possibly the Most Versatile Network Carrier

Smart phones are just too expensive and depreciate too fast to be bought SIM free. In my opinion, it is best to get it from a postpaid network carrier. You are getting a free phone together with a great service subscription. Though I acknowledge postpaid subscriptions to be somewhat more expensive than prepaid networks, I think the service and data speed (which is very important for smart phones) difference is worth it. If you agree with me, then you also know that postpaid carriers also have characteristics of their own and that the choice is not yet over. Through the process of choosing a network carrier, I find myself inclined to choose T-Mobile for the following reasons.

 Lowest rates among postpaid networks
T-Mobile has rates that are lower than that of any of the big three networks, namely Verizon, AT&T and Sprint. Even in terms of unlimited data and call plans, T-Mobile is able to top Sprint in terms of affordability as it is $10 cheaper. And although it does not have truly unlimited plans, its high speed data limit often enough, save if you are into streaming which requires up to 5 GB of high speed data.

Adjustable High Speed Data Provision
As mentioned, T-Mobile does not deny that your high speed data usage has a limit and you may be throttled when this is exceeded. However, this can be adjusted. So when you are feeling like going high speed, you can always pay for a month's worth of high speed data in addition to the unlimited rate.

Affordable Phones
With T-Mobile, you can get affordable phones, just like other postpaid plans'. However, I find T-Mobile's more affordable and providing even mid-end phones for free with the use of T-Mobile promotion code.

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  1. we've had att for over 8 yrs now. at times we've thought about switching because our bill is so very high but always been nervous about not liking new service. Wondering if its time to shop around for prices!

  2. There are so many choices for cell phones

  3. We don't have smartphones, we just have our old cell phones. We actually just pay min by min now. It is cheaper for us and I just use my phone for emergencies. It works for us

  4. When my plan is up I will have to look into switch to t mobile!

  5. We have Sprint and without their true unlimited internet, we would be paying easily over $300 anywhere else! I really wish some of these other companies would go back to offering unlimited!

  6. I had AT&T and I am glad we don't anymore. The service was awful.