Friday, January 18, 2013

Wild Kratts Lost at Sea Review

Today I want to tell you about Wild Kratts by PBS.  We got the lovely opportunity to be able to get this DVD at watch it before it even came on TV!

Wild Kratts is a unique science show.  To learn more about the show in general, please read the press release posted here.

This particular DVD is about dolphins and puffer fish.  The Wild Kratts first try to learn "dolphinize" with the dolphins.  They have a wonderful under sea adventure learning all about them!

The second part, the part about puffer fish, the Wild Kratts go on an adventure to learn about the life of the puffer fish.  The follow them to find out their feeding habits, how the defend themselves and much more!

The thing I love the most about this show is that it also shows people interacting with the animals in real life at the end of each segment.  I think it is awesome that my son can also see what the animals look like in real life and where they really live instead of only seeing the animals in cartoon form.

Lucas, my three year old, is just as obsessed with Wild Kratts as he is with Super Why (you can read my review on them here).  Actually, just as I am writing this, we were watching Super Why on PBS and then when it was over he brought me the Wild Kratts DVD to put on.  These are two of his favorite shows and can watch them all day long.

Now, I want to tell you something.  I never realized, before reviewing Super Why, the amazing stuff that PBS puts out for children.  I believe it is the most educational programming there is available to children right now.  Before we used to only watch Disney and Nick...but now we only watch PBS.  I am so happy we found them!

Wild Kratts Lost at Sea is set to premiere on Monday January 21st!  So remember to check your local listings so you can fall in love too!

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  1. My kids love Wild Kratts! We have just about every episode on DVR. My oldest had his five birthday Wild Kratts themed. Love PBS and the shows they put out for children!