Monday, December 26, 2011

BABY by danish review

I would like to introduce you to a new brand of wet bags.  First I will give you some product details:

  • Thick cotton duck exterior fabric.
  • Extremely durable barrier cloth lining. The waterproof lining does not contain DEHP, Phlalates, or BPA Plasticizers.  FDA approved food safe
  • Waterproof lining seams are heat bonded (no chemicals or solvents used) to create a 100% waterproof seal.
  • Top quality water-resistant YKK zippers.
  • Resin snap handle for hanging.
  • Manufactured in the U.S.A.
Now that you can see just how amazing these things seem just by reading the product details, I would like to introduce you to BABY by danish.

These wet bags are ridiculously cute!!!!   They have many different designs available.  I, personally, am in love.  I used this bag a few times now for all day outings and this was enough of a wet bag for both of my kids for a whole day out!!!  Can you believe that!?!?!?  It easily holds 5-6 diapers and if you squish them in, I am sure they can hold even more (I have gotten 10 in there before!).  When I don't have a whole day outing, I use this in my room for an overnight bag for my 2 month old.  Because it has a handle that unsnaps and resnaps easily (see picture below), I can just hang it on my dresser and have it there for the night time diapers instead of having to run downstairs to put the diaper in the pail.  Then when I get up in the morning, it's not stinky in my room because (of course) I fell asleep with a dirty diaper on my floor I always do without a wet bag in my room (whoops!).  Another great thing with this wet bag is that you can fold it up and use the snap handle as a way to keep it folded up when it is not in use.  Makes it fit in the diaper bag easier and keeps things neat and tidy when it is not in use (even though mine is usually folded up for half a day at the longest...yes, I love it that much).

I HIGHLY recommend this bag to all that cloth diaper.  But not only those who cloth diaper can use it.  It would also be great for pool outings and many other things where you may have wet cloths (ops, leaky diaper) or anything to through in it.  Check them out at BABY at danish's website and get yours today!!!!  It is WELL worth spending the few dollars to get it!!!!!!

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