Monday, January 9, 2012

Picklenose Creations Review and Giveaway

Picklenose Creations provided me with a beautiful AIO to try out.  Here is some information on her diapers taken directly off her Etsy page: 
A layer of soft suedecloth next to baby wicks moisture away into the five ultra-absorbent soaker layers, keeping baby feeling dry. The soaker has two layers of ultra thick absorbent microfiber terry with a double-core layer of REVOLUTIONARY Zorb. It soaks up 20 times it's weight in liquid in less than 2 seconds. Zorb is a fabric made from tangled cellulose fibers from bamboo/cotton/viscose and poly micro fiber. These non-allergenic fibers are quick drying, durable and easy to sanitize. The last soaker layer is organic cotton sherpa. This holds on to the moisture and helps prevent compression leaks. 

The outside waterproof layer is soft polyester knit laminated with 1 mil breathable hospital grade polyurethane laminate (PUL). Originally developed to withstand hospital sterilization, PUL is machine washable and dryable at high temperatures. The thin laminate film lets water vapor escape and keeps baby cool and comfortable.

This diaper is super trim fitting because it uses highly absorbent layers that eliminate bulk. Two layers of Zorb are equal to:
8 layers of flannel 
6 layers of French terry 
5 layers of cotton fleece 
4 layers of sherpa. 

My diapers are designed to fit below the belly button eliminating gaps and diaper droop. Snaps adjust the rise, leg opening and the waist for a great fit. The leg openings are high cut and allow for freedom of movement. Great for chubby toddler legs on the go. Waist and legs are trimmed with diaper grade elastic to last thru several children. Industrial style poly resin snaps are guaranteed not to come off for 18 months. 

The diaper I received is super cute!!!  It has monkeys all over it.  I don't know how Amy (the owner of this store) knew about monkeys being such a thing in this house, but she must have had some major telepathy going or something!!!  Anyways, this diaper was a huge hit with the whole family (yes, even daddy loved it)!  

I tried this out on my 2 month old when he was just teetering around 10 lbs.  This diaper fit perfectly!  I could honestly say that this diaper probably would have fit around 7 or 8 pounds (perfect for your newborn!!!).   This diaper is also SUPER absorbent.  We used it overnight with no issues at all!  Oh, how I love diapers that work overnight!  I have been using this diaper in rotation now for about 2 weeks and I have not had one leak with this diaper.  I have to say, will definitely be upset when this diaper no longer fits! And of course, we have a shirt that works perfectly with it!

There was a small downside to this diaper, however.  When I went to try it on my 2 1/2 year old (which by the way he is now 34 lbs) it did not fit.  This actually happens all the time with my big boy.  He is just so dang tall and wide that I just can't seem to find many one sized diapers that fit him well.  My quest for that will continue, however this is an amazing diaper for my little one!!! :-)

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  1. Thanks for the great evaluation, Nicki! I'm glad you are enjoying the monkey diaper, it's one of my favorites! :o) My etsy shop is now up and running again (vacation went soooo fast!), so send lots of people over to 'like' my page. :o) Have a super day!

  2. Thanks mama. I know how fast vacas come and go haha. I saw this pattern at joanns today and almost bought it...but then I realized that all I can make is fitteds lol

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