Friday, January 20, 2012

Daddies, Babysitters, and Day Cares OH MY!

So, I decided to ask a few friends and family about cloth diapers.  And what I found out was very interesting.  I figured that everyone would like the same kinds of easy diapers...but that was totally NOT true!!!  Here is what I have so far:

  • One of my friend's husband and mom prefer pocket style diapers with velcro.
  • Another one of my friend's family prefer AIO with snaps.
  • Yet another friend's family prefers AIO with velcro.
  • And my family is ALL over the board!  My grandmother said she likes the GroVia's.  My hubby and step mom like the gDiapers.  Church day care, MIL, and Nanny like the pocket diapers prestuffed.  
So, what did I figure out from this???  Everyone has their own special diaper!  There doesn't seem to be a "daddy" approved diaper or anything like that.  I always believed that it would be pockets or AIOs across the board!  Just thought I would share this information with everyone.  So I guess my advice would be ask before you pack!

1 comment:

  1. My husband likes AIO velcro diapers. I prefer fitteds and pockets with snaps. Neither of us like snappis or pins, which is why we only have 1 diaper needing either, and 1 snappi that "belongs" with it lol.

    My family loves the pockets, my girlfriends who watch my girls don't care as long as I snap it where it will fit the girls so they have an idea how to get it on them.