Monday, June 25, 2012

Jelly Bear Boutique Review and Giveaway

Today I am going to review a fitted diaper from Jelly Bear Boutique!  Jelly Bear Boutique is a BRAND NEW shop on Etsy!!!  She currently only makes fitted diapers, but the are FABULOUS fitted diapers.  I am going to start off my showing you how fabulous they are.  Here is what it says in the description of the diapers so you can see what kind of absorbency these diapers have:
This diaper is constructed of:
hand dyed (by me) cotton velour wings,
Cotton knit or woven outer
Bamboo/Cotton french terry hidden layer 
white cotton velour inner layer for babies comfort.
Snap Down rise

Comes with 2 snap together inserts each made with 2 layers bamboo french terry topped with cotton velour. Both inserts can be snapped into the diaper together or used separately allowing you to customize absortion. This diaper also comes with a 2 layer Bamboo/Cotton fleece doubler that can be folded in half or thirds and placed in wet zone.
The fitted diaper with all three inserts

How you can snap the two snap in inserts onto the diaper 

How the diaper looks from the inside with all three inserts laying flat

So, I am sure that after you read that, I really don't even need to say much more about how amazingly absorbent these are.  But, I will anyways.  This fitted diaper lasted every test that I put it to.  The overnight, nap, long errand run, EVERYTHING!  This diaper is definitely a superior diaper!

Front view of the diaper

Back view of the diaper
The diaper I got is also pretty darn cool!  The diaper has Space Invaders on it...and who does not love Space Invaders!?!?!?  Even hubby loves the way this diaper looks.  We have definitely used this diaper without a cover just to show it off :-)

Also, can I tell you about this fit!?!?  For a OS Fitted diaper...this thing is pretty darn slim.  When you put all the inserts in, it can get a little fluffy...but AWESOME...fluffy usually means it is working AMAZING be honest...I like the fluffy bum look for most of the time!

This is definitely a diaper that has my full approval!  And now, you get a chance to win your own fitted diaper from Jelly Bear Boutique!!!

This review was written by Nicki

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  1. I learned that she has 3 children
    I commented on the good the bad and the ugly
    beth.rees333 at gmail dot com

  2. I like that she has a lot of retro prints.

  3. Her bday is May 23!

  4. i learned the wings are hand dyed

    annae07 at aol dot com

  5. I learned that she is a WAHM of 3!

  6. I learned this diaper comes with THREE inserts!

  7. She's Canadian and an AWESOME momma!!!

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  8. Cindy B (on rc/fb) ~ love that it has the option of using three inserts. Thanks for a great giveaway.

  9. The diapers come with THREE inserts! Not one, or two like some....some don't even come with one!

  10. I learned that she hand dyes the flaps to coordinate with the prints.

    I commented on the good, the bad

  11. I learned that her etsy shop just opened in Mar 2012!

  12. i love that she uses natural fibers, and think it's pretty amazing that she dyes her own fabric!! *very* cute diapes!!

  13. I learned that the founder is Canadian

    cmcosman at yahoo dot com

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  16. She 'hand dyes' her cotton velour -- how cool :)

  17. She hand dyes the wings? How fun is that :)

    So they're all unique :)

  18. She has 3 kids.

  19. I learned that she is located in Ontario, Canada!

  20. She hand dyes her cotton velour! Love to know how to do such a great job on rainbow!

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