Thursday, July 5, 2012

Hate Cake Review and Giveaway

Have you been searching for that awesome creative shirt that no one else has?  Do you like to be trendy and have something that you can call your own?  Well, let me introduce you to someone who can help you.  Hate Cake on Etsy has some of the most amazing shirts I have ever seen.  Ashley, the owner and artist behind Hate Cakes, is amazing.  She paints shirts to give them their own custom look.  Here is the one that I chose for the review:

I have to admit, that it looks even BETTER in person then it did on Etsy.  And I loved it on Etsy!!!  Anyways, make sure you look up her sizing charts.  The place that she gets her shirts from, the women's run a little small as she informed me.  Thank goodness or else I might have been falling all out of my shirt haha.  Anyways, I decided to get a male tee-shirt so that I can hide my still baby fat...yup, I think I can still call it that haha!

So, besides hiding baby fat, this shirt is still awesome.  I have gotten so many compliments on it!  Well, what can I say, it's not a shirt you buy at WalMart where you are running into 50 people with the same shirt on (how annoying is that anyways!?!?!  Drives me nuts!).  Not only that, just the fact that it is painted and absolutely stunning is just....for lack of words haha...AWESOME!  I can barely paint a straight line!!!

Also, I love my shirt so much that I am BANNING you from getting this shirt if you win the giveaway!  Lol, well, I can't really do that...but MY SHIRT!  LOL.

*This review was written by Nicki*

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  1. They have a special line for the LGBTQ community! <3

  2. i learned that Ashley, the owner, paints the shirts!

  3. I learned their shirts are created for a local band, The Confused Disciples.
    tvpg at aol dot om

  4. I learned that she uses spray adhesive on the bleach shirts.