Sunday, November 11, 2012

Freakers USA Review and Giveaway

Welcome to the wonderful world of Freakers USA!  Where everything fits into a small package....well, not everything, but pretty darn close!

You may have heard of this company from The Shark Tank.  If you watched it, then you know what a character the owner of this store is!  Ever since I watched that I really wanted a grilled cheese party!  It sounded like so much fun!

Now, after hearing what an awesome character Zach is, I know you want some Freakers!  Well, what is a Freaker you might ask.  Well, that is a great question!  A Freaker is an insulated cup/bottle cozy kind of thing that is made right here in the US of A!  Okay, so it is not just that.  You get this one Freaker and it can do some amazing things!  You can stretch it like CRAZY and it just goes right back the way it was again.  It is kinda awesome.  I had SO much fun playing with it! is what I did with it....

Freaker fits over a soda bottle....

Freaker fits over a Smirnoff...

Freaker fits over a WHOLE wine know for those kind of days...

So....this is when I started having fun with it...maybe too much...for giggles....Freaker fits over a ketchup bottle...

Freakers also fits over my 3 year old's arm...

Freakers also fits as a knee high leg warmer for my 3 year old...

Yup...the possibilities are THAT endless.  You really need to get a Freaker even if it is just to see what you can fit it over...I am telling ya, it was seriously fun!

 Not only that, they REALLY work!  Freaker's really keep my Smirnoff cold while I drunk it!  I will definitely remember this for the next hot day out! :-D  Not only does it keep your drink cold/ can also hide what you are really drinking from your kids!  Don't want your kids knowing that you are drinking soda, hide it!  Don't want your kids to know you needed a beer, hide it!  These are seriously an amazing thing to have around the house!

Also, my Freaker and the giveaway Freakers, came with a note!  It says:
Hi Nicole!
What's the difference between a tuna fish and a guitar?  You can't tune a fish!
Haha, I love it!

And to end everything, Freakers sell for only $8 a piece!  Freak on and enter the giveaway below!

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  1. This guy loves making videos with his friends and they are so entertaining. I like the birth of a freaker video but the one on the website seems cut down from the one i saw on shark tank.

  2. I learned that they make some awesome "travel cups"!!! I love this idea! And they're affordable...gotta get my hubby the scallywag one!