Friday, August 30, 2013

Planetwise Wet Bag Review

For the next couple weeks I will be posting a review a day about my favorite (and not so favorite)  newborn cloth diapering items.   I have an 11 week old daughter, Hannah, who is a heavy wetter with big chunky thighs.  She was born at 8 lb 15 oz and 20 inches long, so she's my little chunk :)  Here is a pic of her in her first ever cloth diaper:

She was two days old and about 8 lb 10 oz in that photo.  She has on a Bitty Bee (more about them  in a later post).  For today I thought I'd review the one item I use at every single diaper change, my Planet Wise Wet Bags.  

I have a size Medium and a size Large. I threw the hotwheels car in there so hopefully give you an idea of their size.  The one on the left is the large, and the medium is on the right.  I LOVE the bright prints on these diapers, and they show no wear even after daily washing.  The zippers on them are smooth and durable, and the PUL inside is awesome.  The inside of the bags agitates out in the wash so you can be sure they're getting clean.  I've had no issues with leaks even with sopping wet prefolds.  

This is the large. In this photo I have about 10 newborn all in ones, 5-6 prefolds, 2 covers, and a few wipes in there and could probably fit more.  I love that it's a square shape instead of a big long rectangle, because this makes it easier to wash and no diapers get trapped in the bottom.   I love that the large has a strap to hang it by.  I especially love that you can un-snap the strap and hang it on things like a towel bar that wouldn't let you loop something around it.  The snap is a diaper type plastic snap.

This is the medium size.  Its a perfect size for the diaper bag.  It holds about 10 newborn diapers or about 6-7 one size diapers, perfect for a day out.   It folds up small when empty, and is so pretty that you can carry it outside your diaper bag once it's full.  The only drawback to this one is that there is no carrying handle, but that's pretty minor when you consider the excellent leak protection. 

What's your favorite way to store dirties?  Do you use a wet bag, pail, bucket, or something else?  


  1. I use a homemade wet bag. I think it's about the size of the large wet bag you reviewed here, but I can't seem to get all my cloth diapers (pockets and prefolds) into it (and I stuff it to the brim) so I end up using my travel bag in addition to it before laundering it all. I'm thinking of getting a pail (trash can from walmart probably) and lining it with PUL. Thoughts?

    1. I like the pail and liner idea, and that is what I used to use. It's just not for me now because I change diapers all over the house and I like just carrying the wet bag to wherever I change the diaper.It also depends on how often you wash diapers. I am washing every day right now because we have only a limited amount that fit her at this stage and are able to contain her leaks. Planet Wise also makes a pail liner, but you could easily make one using some PUL and some elastic for the top.

    2. Thanks, Beth! I'm able to go about 1.5 days before washing his diapers. I just checked and my bag is only about 13 x 21" which is why I'm running out of room so quickly. I think I'll try the pail and liner. Thanks again! Great photo of Hannah, btw. Love those chunky thighs!

    3. Isabelle,

      I have a pail and liner from planet wise and I prefer the wet bags. I found that the enclosed pail smelled much worse than just using a wet bag.

  2. Planet wise wet bags are awesome! I use them every day and have had no problems with them :)