Thursday, August 19, 2010

Long day of washing and drying!!!

I love all of my diapers, but I think I may have too large of a stash (is that possible!?!?!) I had to spend almost all day today washing and drying diapers, not because they were all dirty, but because I love to change my son into new diapers every 10 minutes because they are so cute and fun!  Haha, yes, that is a sign of a cloth diapering addict.  Seriously, all I really do online anymore is look up new diapers that I would like to buy for my son!!!  How horrible is that?

Besides that, my day was as smooth as ice.  I don't own a washer/ I go to my husband's nanny's house to do diapers.  She is so sweet and gives me a break the days that I go over to do laundry.  I seriously barely have to do anything those days!  It's wonderful!  

More reviews to come tomorrow...time to spend time with the hubby!!!!  :-)


  1. I am a fellow cloth diapering addict. My husband thinks I'm nuts because I am always looking at diapers and trying to win them!

  2. Haha, me too! Thanks for following! Let your friend's know I'm here...I'm just starting out! Another great place for wonderfully priced diapers...just so you craigslist. The majority of my diapers I get from there (obviously, I bring them home and sanitize them) but I sometimes get large quantities of diapers for $50 (23 prefolds and 10 covers!)

  3. I cant wait to get started with my cloth diapers. I just have to wait for baby to arrive now :)
    following as Abbie Neary

  4. Thank you for following Abbie! I love cloth diapering and hopefully you will too!!!

  5. I literally .aughed out loud when you said you pretty much spend your online time finding new diapers. I've quickly gotten into the habit of checking my CD groupds and boards first thing to see if there are any new must-haves or products worth checking out.

    Prime example- My phone rang and my 3 year old picked it up. I heard my mom ask "Where's Mommy?", to which he promptly replied "Looking at diapers on her 'puter."...And he hadn't even looked at what I was doing lol

  6. LOL! That is so me! However, my son can't talk yet. Haha. But every time I'm on the phone with my grandma, who lives in NY mind you, I'm kind of preoccupied. She always says, "Your looking for diapers again, aren't you?" I think it's so funny. When I went up there for a week they were all shocked when I pulled out my diaper stash that I literally had to take there in two boxes because I have so many!