Thursday, August 19, 2010

Shop Reviews

Number one goes to.... Sew Crafty Baby: This story is owned by a fabulous women named Jennifer.  She had the best customer service I have ever gotten (she phoned me even before I was a customer to help me out with some diaper issues I was having)!  Extremely fast shipping!  Her site is very user friendly and she even has an affiliate program where you can earn store credit for promoting her! On top of all that, she has wonderful pricing and many of her items include free shipping!

Number two goes to... This store is great!!  Has a wonderful selection.  Wonderful pricing! Great service, especially if you are in the area (free pick up and can get it the same day as ordering).  When I met the owner of this store, she was extremely friendly.  I was pleasantly surprised that she was able to meet me the same day that I ordered (she called me about an hour, if that, after I ordered).  I figured that I wouldn't be able to pick up until at least a day!

Number three goes to...
<a href="">Click here to visit Kelly's Closet</a>: This store is also very user friendly.  Free shipping on orders over $49.  Also has a lot of coupons and specials going on.  Okay shipping times, I paid for expedite shipping and received my order in 3 days!  Has everything that anyone could ever need/want!

Number four goes to... This store is user friendly also.  Offers free shipping.  The downfall of this store is that there are not very many different brands.  Mostly because their store is to promote their own diapers (BumGenius, Flip, Ecobum).  However, they do have the best prices for the BumGenius.  I used their promo (that is always going on) for their BumGenius 3.0's.  $89.50 for 6 of them.  Pretty good price!!! :-)

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