Friday, November 5, 2010

Econobum Review Sponsored by Jennifer's Cloth Diaper Boutique

I just wanted to tell everyone about this diaper for a minute.  Lynda from Jennifer's Cloth Diaper Boutique, an amazing women that will tell you her honest opinion on diapers and how her daughter who uses them feels about them also, gave me a white Econobum cover and prefold to try out.

Honestly, I love this diaper.  There really isn't many other options to go cheap, but with the Econobum, there is a way!  These prefolds are the best prefolds there ever was.  The cover is a bit thinner then what I am used to, but it does the job it is made to do, keep the wetness in!  I was able to keep this diaper on my son for about 3 hours (15 months old) with no leaks!  Yes, that is how amazing the prefold is!  Econobum has come out with new covers with colored trim also, if you haven't seen that yet. I also LOVE the fit of this diaper.  Fits perfectly just like everything else made by Cotton Babies!

Let me tell you a little bit about Jennifer's Cloth Diaper Boutique.  Lynda runs her store out of her house.  Her house is a bit of a drive (about 20 minutes because she lives in the beautiful country side), so she is willing to meet everyone for customer pick up in the city if we want to.  I love that she gives that option, I have actually used that option twice when shopping with her.  I did go to her house once though, where she explained all the diapers that she had there to me. I got to see the Lil Joeys and Rumparooz, which I have NEVER seen before, a long with a few other diapers.  I immediately fell in love with the Lil Joeys and the Rumparooz and HAD to get a Rumparooz while I was there.  AND she had the robot print in stock!  SO CUTE!  She also made me fall in love with Softbumz (which I resisted the urge to buy right then and there, but then ordered it two days later from  I really appreciate all the time that Lynda took with me to do all that and had to give her all of the amazing words that she deserves for that!

If you are interested to learn more about this shop visit  She also has a Facebook!

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