Sunday, November 14, 2010


Sundays here are a busy day, I was wondering how everyone else spends their Sundays.

We get up at 6 AM when I go to work.  I come home at about 8:30AM to get Luke ready to go to church with his grandma.  She is usually here at about 9AM and he comes home at 11-11:30 AM.  We watch Joel on the internet streaming at 10AM.  When that is over, we get ready for the rest of the day (showers and all).  Then we eat lunch, put Luke down for a nap and start cleaning.  When the cleaning is over, Luke wakes up.  We get him up and then wash diapers.  Then it is mommy, daddy, Luke time when we go out grocery shopping and then bring the groceries home, put them away and go out for dinner.  When we get back from dinner, we get Luke ready for bed.  He goes to bed at 7PM then me and hubby watch a movie and go to bed.

The mornings are horrible, but the rest of the day seems to be okay, but I was wondering how you mamas do it all on Sundays.


  1. Mt daughter broke her ankle on Friday so today we didn't go to church,(Plus Daddy had to work and I wasn't going to attempt it without him!) but usually I wake up 5:30ish feed baby, then start breakfast: pancakes, eggs, hashbrowns, or bisuts and gravy with grits, something along those lines. While I'm cooking I get the older girls up at least by 7:30 so they will be out of the bathroom by the time Daddy gets up. Get Daddy up at the last minute possible to eat and get ready. After they all get ready I get myself and baby ready not usually in that order. I will throw something on, pack the diaper bag and we are off to Sunday School by 9am. Church gets out by 11:30 and we either go out, or come home and I cook. Sometimes I think ahead and alrady have the crockpot ready. Then we clean up the breakfast dishes and lunch dishes. Daddy heads off to school while we are cleaning. When he gets back at 4:30 I try to start supper so I can have it all cleaned up and the kids bathed and in bed by 8:30pm. That way we can watch a movie or talk before we hit the hay. I know Sundays are supposed to be realaxing, but sometimes it seems like we just go,go, go! Or maybe I'm just the one doing all the going so that's why it seems that way! LOL

  2. How old is your daughter and how did she break her ankle? I am so sorry this happened. My son broke his leg when he was only 6 months old. He fell off his nanny's bed. It was horrible!