Thursday, November 11, 2010

Needing advice

Can you guys all help me?  I am needing advice about the blog.  Do you like the way I blog?  Do you like that it is only about the products, or would you mamas like if I also blogged about what is going on with me and the fam.  Let me know, I would love feedback.  Also, any feedback that you may have about the set up of the blog would be helpful.  Thanks again mamas!


  1. I like the way you blog!You could mix it up a little if you wanted and tell about what's going on with your family every now and then!There's my 2 cents!LOL

  2. I like the way you do the giveaway's on your blog, no tweeting for a month at a time, but yea talking about the family & life in general is great, doing it on your blog is probably safer than doing it on fb too!
    Rebecca O'Brien

  3. Yeah I like your giveaway style, I don't do the ones that want me to drag around everywhere before I can enter.
    I am nossy but always wonder what adventures other mommas are having :)

  4. I like the way you blog and I like your giveaway style mostly. While it's a lot simpler than others, it's not quite as easy as a giveaway on Dibs! where you just fill out the form. I am not a Blog owner though, so I do not know if there are benefits to using that form or not. It would be nice to learn more about you, sometimes I wonder if some of these mommas just spend all day on the computer hosting giveaways, or do they battle with laundry, or funky dipers, or the never ending "What's for dinner?" question. I think it's nice when a Blogger asks a question and asks for comments. You can learn a lot of tips from people all over the country on websites to go to, ways to handle certain situations, or just sharing funny stories. Like "What's the funniest thing you said to you child today?" Ragababe did that one on their Facebook the other day and I about died reading all the funny lines! As far as the Blog setup goes, I have a little trouble reading the sidebars on the page, I'm not sure why, but they are hard to see for me. I love the water drops though! Even if you didn't change a thing I would still follow your blog!! I do enjoy it already! :-)

  5. I really enjoy your blog and the style. I think you do a great job! The only thing I'd change is the way of notifying winners of your giveaways. It is REALLY hard for a busy mommy to be expected to check back to the blog with every giveaway... I think it would be a great idea to just notify the winner. :)