Monday, November 7, 2011

Amy B Embroidery Review and Giveaway

Another baby necessity would have to be bibs and burp cloths of course!  Well, isn't it even better to get bibs and  burp cloths that are personally embroidered for your child?  Well, that is what you get when you shop at this Etsy shop.  Not only that, you get the most beautiful embroidered products I have ever seen.  I received a wonderful bib and burp cloth from this owner.  Want to see?  They are the most detailed and wonderful looking things I have EVER seen!

Are they not amazing!?!?  And they work so awesome too!  The bib is just a little too big for him now, but that means that it will work amazingly when he grows into it!  And the burp cloth was able to soak up even the biggest spit up he had.  I was taking the picture of these at the hospital and I got some amazing comments on these.  The nurse was amazed by these!  My mother in law thinks that they are just the best things ever.  And I have to say that their comments basically sums up everything!

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  1. Oops I entered my etsy name wrong. It should be dolphin4176.