Sunday, November 13, 2011

Diaper Lingo

Are you confused yet?  I know I was!!!  Here is a short break down of diaper lingo!

  • Pocket diaper: Basically, a diaper that does not need a cover.  You will need to put something absorbent in this (usually an insert is provided).  Easy diaper to use, just like a disposable with two extra steps.  The extra steps are washing and stuffing (putting the insert into the diaper).
  • AIO: Stands for All In One.  This is going to be just like a disposable diaper with one extra step, washing.  Everything that is needed to diaper your child is in this diaper.  The waterproof outer layer and the absorbent part of the diaper.
  • AI2: Stands for All In Two.  This diaper usually has a waterproof outer layer with a snap in or lay in insert.  Can use the waterproof outer layer usually 3-4 times before having to change that part of the diaper.
  • Hybrid: This is usually an All In Two style diaper with a disposable insert option.  Great for the on the go mom.
  • Prefold: The old school diapers with pins that you have to fold.  These need a cover because they are not leak proof by any means.  You may fold it the old school way (with pins or a snappi--see below) or you could also fold it into thirds (or tri-fold it) and lie it in the cover.
  • Snappi: This is used instead of diaper pins to make using prefolds, flats, and some fitted diapers easier to use.
  • Fitted: Diapers that go under a cover.  Usually has velcro or snaps on it.  Some of them do need pins or a snappi also.  These are usually great for overnight but are NOT leak proof so they will need a cover.
  • Flats: Basically just a square piece of fabric.  Will be a bit harder to use until you get used to folding them, but the cheapest option to cloth diaper.  Not leak proof and will need a cover and will also need diaper pins or a snappi.  
  • Cover: This is what goes over non-leak proof diapers to make them leak proof.
  • Soaker: Just an insert with a different name :-)
  • OS: Stands for One Sized.  Usually fits most kids from 8 or 14 pounds to about 30 or 35 pounds.
  • Sized: Obviously, sized diapers for small, medium, large and sometimes extra large.  FuzziBunz (a type of pocket diaper) also calls this a "perfect size" diaper

If you have any other "diaper lingo" that you would like decoded for you, please let me know!!!


  1. I think this is a great little intro to cloth diapering for any mother! I was kind of confused by all the terms and abbreviations at first, too.

  2. Very helpful for people who are new to cloth diapering.

  3. this is great! it took a while of online researching to understand it all!

  4. I (think) I like the fact that the diapers I used with my daughter 18 years ago are now referred to as "old school". haha!

  5. One thing I've learned is that a lot of people are confused about the lingo...even ebay sellers! This is very helpful. should see how much "vintage" prefolds sell on ebay!

  6. FOE= fold over elastic. took me forever to figure that one out. Very helpful post for beginners like me. Thank you!

  7. This is a very helpful list! I am still confused how a flat and a prefold are different things? I guess they have the same function but differ in some way. :/

  8. thank you this was very helpful to me with understanding all the terms!