Thursday, November 3, 2011

Milky Baby Review and Giveaway

Here is review and giveaway number two for our "virtual baby shower."  Milky Baby provided me with a review and giveaway of a nursing cover, which is a MAJOR necessity for your new baby.

You can find nursing covers everywhere, but let me tell you, this nursing cover is different than any other nursing cover I have ever seen.  This one is more like an apron and has a lot more fabric to cover up your child and belly completely.  I love this nursing cover.  It is amazing for if you are standing up nursing the baby.  I know that was my major problem when I was nursing Lucas.  If you are out and about, it is kind of hard to just find somewhere to plop yourself down at to nurse the baby (of course we have not been out and about yet...but we will get there hehe).  Well, when you stand up with this nursing cover, it comes down to about mid-thigh without the baby under it.  So, basically, it is great.  I can even use it to give myself some extra coverage when nursing with my Sleepy Wrap on because it can just flow right over the Sleepy Wrap also!

This is seriously the best nursing cover I have ever used (and I tried a lot with Luke and just opted for a blanket even though it was hot and sweaty).  Would you like a chance to win this nursing cover?  Here is a picture of it:

Good luck!!!