Wednesday, February 29, 2012

What I have been up to

Well, you may be wondering why the blog has slowed down so much.  Well, here is the answer.  I have been amazingly busy lately.  I think I am going to keep the reviews and giveaways down until The Great Cloth Diaper Change is over but JUST WAIT!  For May 1st there is going to be a HUGE giveaway for Mother's Day that I am participating in with Daily Mothering.  So far the prize package is up to approximately $90 in value!!!  OMG!  Isn't that amazing!?!?  If you would like to add a prize to the package, you can email me at

So, on top of that, we are still trying to find an answer for Daniel.  Unfortunately, we have to drive an hour away to get him in to get a full GI done on March 5th.  This is going to be fun...but at least we MAY be getting closer.  We now have a list of things to test for at least!  So, that is taking up a LOT of time...and patients...and tears...hence another reason why I have been away.

I hope you all understand my absence as I work on these things, and like I said, there is going to be a HUGE pay off for you all in the end! :-D

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  1. Well we all need a break sometimes. Keep up the good work and doing what you love. Your passion shows through :)