Friday, March 2, 2012


Whoa, did I just see the word free!?!?!  That is what really got me into this!  Freecycling, if you have not heard of it, is re-purposing other people's furniture that they would have just, ek, thrown into the garbage!  Hubby and I have been freecycling for a while, just we didn't even hear of freecycling until not too long ago.  Now, we are OBSESSED!  We found
 and signed up for email alerts for everything that goes up in our area.  However, most of our stuff we get from my hubby's job.  My hubby works as a mover and a lot of his clients are getting ready to just throw out stuff, so he brings it home and replaces our old stuff with it.  We have gotten some high quality pieces this way.  The rest of it came from freecycling online!  Want to see what we have gotten???  Well, here are a few pictures of things we have in our home.  Please note that hubby has been working way overtime, so don't mind the mess haha.  Also, some of the pieces do need a little bit of help that hubby has been trying to get to...but like I said, the overtime is killing his time available to fix everything (he worked 150 hours already this week!!!!!!!!).

 Entertainment Center AND T.V. from

 Corner Cabinet that we got from Hubby's job (re-purposed to be our diaper storing area)

Solid Oak Coffee table from hubby's job

Swing from a garage sale that they were getting ready to throw out and Corey's Aunt grabbed it 

Stackable washer and drier

Kitchen table and 4 bar stool chairs from

Not a great pic, but son was sleeping right there on the floor (yes why do kids need beds again.?.?.?) but Glider from a yard sale they were getting ready to throw out

Crib (turned into a toddler bed here) and dresser both from hubby's work...don't you love what kids decide to do with laundry baskets...put them on their stuffed horse's head....

Dresser from

Another dresser from

A dresser from a yard sale that they were about to throw away...MARBLE top!

Bedside table about to be put in the trash by a neighbor

Another bedside table from

BRAND NEW, was still in plastic brand new, queen size mattress and box spring from hubby's work

Solid oak end table from hubby's work

Solid oak bookshelf re-purposed for my sewing from hubby's work

Desk re-purposed for my sewing table from hubby's work

T.V. and end table from hubby's work

Elliptical from

Two more solid oak bookselves from hubby's work

Hubby's work table from

So, yeah...everything is wonderful and CHEAP in our house :-D


  1. Neat! We got our desk and printer from freecycle, and an antique dresser from the side of the road. :)
    mary michaud

  2. We love freecycle. We have gotten a lot of clothes (which helps since they grow so fast). We also get a lot of stuff off the curb or something like that. I mean really a person threw out a perfectly good firepit?

  3. You sound like us, only it seems like people are always giving things to us just when we need them. Most all our furniture was free as well. My husband used to work as a mover at a furniture store. We can totally relate to excellent used furniture for free. The best!

  4. I've checked it out a couple of years ago but there was never anything in my area...maybe I need to re-visit it! :-)

  5. wow! way to go! i guess it's true... one man's trash is another man's treasure... i'm always amazed at the finds i get at the thrift store.

  6. It truly is amazing what people throw out. LOL, I paid full price for that same swing a few years back. I really need to look for more freebies!

  7. That is awesome stuff!! I also love freecycle! I have gotten quite a bit and have given as well. I love it!