Monday, October 29, 2012

Wee Expressions Review and Giveaway

Not too long ago Wee Expressions came out with a new AIO diaper!  I was super excited as I am a HUGE fan of Wee Expressions.  I own a bunch of her fitteds, cloth wipes, fleece covers, mama cloth and now one of her AIOs.

Her AIO are sized and you have the option of getting a velcro closure or not closure at all.  I choose the no closure as I love no closure diapers to be honest.  I believe they are what gives the BEST fit possible.  The other thing that is very unique about her AIOs are that they have a fleece outter.  I have NEVER seen this before and I was a bit skeptical on how well it would work.  Well, guess what, it works amazingly!  Not only that, with fleece, the diaper ends up being super breathable.  This is now my favorite AIO diaper to date!

This is what Lauren, owner and creator at Wee Expressions, has to say about her AIO diapers:
This is my newest creation,an aio fitted made with fleece.The layer against baby's skin will be flannel,your choice of print.There is an inner layer of zorb,which is very absorbant.I tested this on my baby,a heavy wetter,and it works great.I can also make it with a layer of pique to touch baby's skin,and I can add a layer of flannel on the inside for even more protection.The extra layer would be a little more.I will make yours with velcro for this price unless otherwise noted you don't want a closure.This one has no closures because I prefer pins.
My baby was able to use this during the day and naps with no problem!  I added a stay dry flip insert to the inside of it and it worked amazing overnight also!  There is no way you can go wrong with one of these AIOs.

Also, the fit of Wee Expression diapers is always amazing!  I have never had a problem with red marks or anything else with her diapers.  She also carries the size XL which is amazing for those with larger children!  Those fit my son up to about age 2 1/2 and could probably still fit him now (but he is out of diapers now).   I definitely give Lauren two thumbs up on her newest creation!

Lauren would like to extend a wonderful giveaway of a $10 credit to her store with this review.  How awesome of her!!!

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  1. I learner that they carry XL diapers which is perfect for bug babies and fiddlers still in diapers!

  2. They have just about every cloth item I love. Diaper, snack bags, wipes, unpaper towels. I'm in love with this store!

  3. I love the little skirt diaper covers. That is very unique.

    1. PS the pinterest link is broken. I did a search and found you.

  4. I never knew skirties existed!

  5. I really love the fleece outer for the diaper. Sometimes I feel like PUL would give babies swamp ass. Nobody likes swamp ass!!!

  6. I love their custom fleece covers

  7. I learned that she also makes sandwich bags!

  8. She makes more than just diapies! Although I love the diapies the best. :)

  9. I learned she makes cute skirties.

    I learned that they have unpaper towels

  11. I've never heard of them before reading this blog. I definitely want to try their fleece outer AIOs. I would love to be able to let my son's bum breathe, and this sounds like a very easy way to do it!