Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Easy Halloween Pumpkin Cupcakes

Looking for an easy last second Halloween treat?  Well, I just finished making mine!  All I did was take Yellow Cupcake mix.  I took it and added in half a package of Orange Jell-O.  This helps it be extremely moist!  Just remember that when baking it usually takes about 3 minutes less to bake than it does without the Jell-O.

Also, adding in the Orange Jell-O gives it some flavor AND color!  Then take some frosting, add in a few drops of green.  After your cupcakes are fully cooled, then take the green frosting and lightly coat them.  You can then add on a stem using the little decorating tubes of icing in green.  You can also either put sprinkles on top or just leave them plain!  Or, come up with your own way to do it.  Seriously takes just a few minutes to do and so easy!!!  I absolutely LOVE baking and coming up with my own things!

Just a tip to those who bake and don't know...for flavoring cakes, cupcakes and so on, you can always use Jell-o!  Keeps the cake MUCH more moist and gives it amazing flavor!  Just remember to use caution.  Cakes made with Jello-O can and will fall easier!

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  1. Cool! I didn't know that! I will have to try adding some jello next time I make cupcakes!