Friday, March 30, 2012

I just HAVE to tell you!

I had an AMAZING thing happen today...and I just have to tell you about this!  Okay, so I won an apron and of course, I was not reading correctly and realized that it was for one of the Lola aprons at Pink Butterfly Aprons.  Now, those aprons are GREAT!!!  But they are just not for me...I am a very conservative person.  Here is a picture:

But here is what she allowed me to receive:

She also has other amazing aprons that you can see over at her shop...INCLUDING coordinated mommy and child ones or coordinated mommy and daddy ones!!!  How awesome is that!?!?!  

Make sure you go check her out.  She has truly amazing customer service and aprons!!!

I did not receive anything in return for this post.  I just wanted to post about an experience that I had.


  1. Great customer service! Love that you won a free item and even though it was for a specific item, she was willing to be flexible and give you what worked for you! Just think about how awesome she must be with paying customers as well!

  2. That is awesome that she let you pick what you wanted even though it was a giveaway! :)

  3. How sweet and she customized for your taste!

  4. REally cute aprons!! Makes me want to cook...welll...maybe. :)

    debnmike moretti

  5. Cindy B ~Those are super cute. Thanks for the heads up, looking up her site :)