Thursday, March 29, 2012

Tommee Tippee Sippy Cup Review & Giveaway

My son is at the age where he’s supposed to start learning how to drink out of a sippy cup and since  I have spent years working around children I knew exactly which brand I trusted the most for him, Tommee Tippee.  Tommee Tippee makes the best products that are closer to nature and it’s such a nice feeling to know that they are completely safe and gentle for your child.

For this review they sent me an Explora Truly Spill Proof Trainer Cup.  Since my son had never used a sippy cup I didn’t know how it would go over, but I filled it up with water and hoped he’d figure it out.  Since they have awesome handles on the sides perfect for little hands my son was able to take the cup right out of my hands and put it straight up to his mouth!  It took him a few minutes to figure out exactly how he was supposed to get the water out, but once he did, he drank like a pro!

I couldn’t believe how easily it was for him to figure it out.  I give most of the credit to the design of this cup.  Not only does it have the two handles on the sides, but the cup has the soft-flex all over it, just like around the spout so he could chew all over the cup and since it’s BPA free I didn’t have to worry!  So not only is it a great sippy cup, it’s a great teether!

I loved this cup, but I still wasn’t sure about the “100% spill and leak proof.”  After a few minutes my son definitely put this cup to the test by holding it upside down in his lap and then banging it on the table and finally throwing it across the room.  I can honestly say that it never once leaked and the hygiene cap for the spout protected the spout so it didn’t get dirty at all!  This is truly an amazing cup!

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  1. As I've mentioned before, I love that you review products from WAHMs and less-known companies :)

  2. I love that he got the hang of it in just minutes!

  3. love that its leak proof tested!

  4. I think it's great the cup is BPA free, that's important!

  5. I love that your son was able to beat the crap out of the cup, and it still held up!! That is impressive. All of my daughters sippies leak when she bangs it!

  6. Love that it worked as a teether! Wasn't expecting that. =)

  7. i like that it has a hygiene cap and is actually spill proof!

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  8. I think it's interesting that it has the soft flex all over and not just the spout!
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  9. I think it is interesting that even though he threw it it still did not leak. I have had all ours leak, even the ones labeled leak-proof. Great design.

  10. I like that the cup is BPA-free!

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