Friday, March 30, 2012

JayJ's Law...Call to Action NYers!

I am writing today to ask for everyone's help. Currently there is a proposed bill called JayJ's Law. This bill needs to become a law. First let me tell you a little bit about how this bill came to be.

A little boy named JJ was beaten by his father, Jeremy Bolvin in the Buffalo area. He was only 4 months at the time of the attack. JJ suffered 11 fractures; broken ribs, a broken arm, femur, and others. He now has a severe seizure disorder called Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome (the most severe kind of epilepsy) and continues to have seizures EVERY day. He will be 26 months old in a week, and he is still only at about an 8 month old's mentality. Last week, his custodians were very excited to show off his first....yes his first...drawing. 

This was the third offence Jeremy has had with child abuse. What was the sentence may you ask? Well...1-4 years...the current state maximum. That is it. He will be done with his time before JJ even has time to even start reconstructing his life. This bill will hopefully change that. 

JayJ's Law is all about increasing the sentencing for repeat child abuse offenders to 36 years. In my opinion, still not enough...but it is much better then 1-4 years....I am sure you can all agree. So, NYers...I ask you to help support this bill. Here is a flier that you can print out, share, do whatever you want with it...just please help share the word and help increase the time that these HORRIBLE people spend in jail!

This child is VERY near and dear to my heart and I hope that people will help out. I have never wished more now in this moment that I still lived in NY so I could do all these things. Unfortunately, I no longer live there, so this is why I need your help. Please don't let what happened to JJ happen to the next kid down the block. Thank you for everything you can do.

Here are some helpful links to read up on the subject...starting with the first time Jeremy was brought to custody:

Here is an update on how JJ is currently written by his caretaker:
 He has a LONG way to go, but he IS moving forward. Obviously, all the physical wounds have healed, and now that his siezures are better controlled, he can start moving forward developmentally. He is WAY behind. As a reference point, his "skill set" ranges from about 8 months and up. He will be 26 months old in about a week...he is in some ways completely normal, but you can really see the delays when he is around other children his age. 
He is still taking meds and on the special diet for the seizures. And he has multiple different therapists working with him on everything from a-z. 
In addition to the damage caused by the abuse, he has a sensory processing issue (this may have not been caused by the abuse) which causes him to behave in ways that You know how most autistic kids have trouble with touch, sound, and visual stimulation? Well, jay, is their opposite. He seeks these things out, which can manifest in strange ways, like rubbing body parts on things, as an example. We can't walk anywhere without him checking out each new thing we are walking on. You really don't realize how often flooring changes in a store till you have a kid who wants to press his face against every new texture he encounters...LOL 
I don't even notice the quirky stuff anymore, but others who don't know JayJ do.
At the end of most days I feel like we have taken one more step in the right direction. It is frustrating though to know that this could have been avoided.


  1. Poor little guy. I think more appropriate, meaning harsher, sentencing is more than necessary. This is a travesty that our justice system is hardly penalizing for crimes like this and yet we can lock up folks for small amounts of marijuana for many, many years. Where are our priorities as a nation? Shameful!

  2. Cindy B ~So glad you're supporting this law. Not a NY'er but things like this should get national attention.

  3. Thank you Nicole for spreading the word. The world needs more outspoken people like you. We need to get together next time you are in town!